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Burcot & Clifton Hampden for the Protection of the River Thames

At the quarry company’s public exhibition tomorrow (details below), what will you ask?

qmHere’s a sample of just some of the many questions you’ve been asking:

Q: Why have you bought the 160 hectare site if you only plan to quarry 104 hectares?

Q: I’ve heard there will be a lorry journey every 6 minutes for 11 hours a day Monday–Friday and this is going to really affect my commute to work – how will you avoid creating congestion at peak travel times?

Q: At the traffic lights going east on the A415, will your lorries take up both narrow lanes? Won’t this cause more tail backs?

Q: Traffic congestion has been on the TV and radio news this week. Won’t your lorries just make the bad traffic problems worse?

Q: In other areas where you have quarries, what has it done to house prices?

Q: My house has never flooded before but at the height of the last flood it was at risk if the water got any higher. If my house floods because of your quarry, what compensation will be available?

Q: You say the quarry won’t increase flood risk but I see you still plan on having bunds – won’t this cut off areas of floodplain?

Q: What consultation did you carry out for the restoration plan to suggest that anyone wanted a boating lake with a car park?

Q: My child is 9 and walks to school by himself. Will it be safe for him to do so with all your lorries travelling back and forth every 6 minutes?

Q: I see you will be removing hedgerows, won’t this mean loss of wildlife habitat?

Q: How much noise and dust will the quarry generate?

Q: Oxfordshire produces 400,000 tonnes of sand and gravel a year and has 14 million tonnesof reserves in existing sites with granted planning permissions, so why do you want to dig up beautiful countryside on green belt land to acquire more?

We’d be keen to hear how your queries and issues are answered; if you want to drop us a line at we’d love to hear from you.

Hills’ Public Exhibition: Abingdon Vale Cricket Club, Wednesday 25 November, 12.30 to 8 pm


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