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Burcot & Clifton Hampden for the Protection of the River Thames


DSCF1609We know this is a really important issue for many of you, particularly for those who spend a daily commute sat in a jam waiting for the bridge lights or waiting in the long queue from the traffic lights that tails back as far as the Culham science centre, and sometimes further, if there has been a road accident elsewhere.

Watch the ITV News clip here: Fears Over Huge Increase in Traffic

The bad news is that we think the traffic will be much worse; Hills have increased their lorry estimates from 80 to 110 movements a day.

That’s a lorry every 6 minutes for 11 hours a day, Monday to Friday (7 am to 6 pm) and 6 hours a day on Saturdays (7 am to 1 pm).

H Lorry

And that’s assuming all lorries are fully loaded. Also, the estimate hasn’t allowed for lorries bringing in materials to make cement.  The other thing to consider is the impact of lorries at the Clifton Hampden crossroads if you are coming from the Abingdon or Fullamoor direction. At present you can just about get two cars at the lights if you have a small–medium size car and are careful about staying within the fairly narrow lane markings; however, lorries are wider and will take up BOTH lanes (see picture below). Cars won’t be able to be in the lane for turning right if one of those ‘every 6 minutes’ lorries is there. The traffic will back up and congestion will be worse, particularly at peak travel times.



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