BACHPORT: Actively campaigning to protect our local countryside

Burcot & Clifton Hampden for the Protection of the River Thames

What could it mean for you?

  • Increased traffic – increased severity of traffic jams and congestion. Approximately 110 lorry journeys a day anticipated, with a lorry journey every 6 minutes for 11 hours a day (7 am to 6 pm, Mon–Fri) and 6 hours a day (7 am to 1 pm) on Saturdays.
  • Potential for increased flooding – 80% of the proposed site is on floodplain. Do you think the map on the left (which shows the village under water in the floods of winter 2012) suggests loosing such vital floodplain is a good idea?
  • Lower house values. We are also aware of several examples of the proposed quarry affecting ease of selling and in two cases, putting the prospective buyer off completely.
  • Greater levels of noise, dust and CO2 emissions
  • Impact for users of local facilities – shop, Post Office, campsite, pubs
  • Potential extra danger crossing busy roads for school children
  • Impact on use of public rights of way, the Thames Path – for walkers, cyclists and runners
  • Impact on river users – anglers, canoeists, swimmers, boaters, holiday-makers
  • Significant effect on wildlife, ecology, nature and beauty of countryside – in designated Conservation Area and Oxfordshire Green Belt

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